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Do you love your Growth Book?!  Do you tell your friends and family all about it?! If you answered YES then we would love to have you on our Brand Ambassador team!


The Growth Roots Ambassador Program exists as a way to partner with people who are passionate about GROWTH, and who have a desire to record their year digging into a closer, deeper relationship with God. We are seeking people who truly have a heart to equip and encourage their audience in their GROWTH journey. 



Our main desire is to be people that never lose our passion or determination to grow. To grow closer in our walk with God, grow in relationships, and grow in wisdom and understanding. We’re a community that wants to be on fire for God no matter what season we’re in, or where life leads us. We want to be people that fill our journals with the footprints of our walk alongside the Lord, and the footprints of where He’s carrying us. To fill it with the stories from our lives where God moved mountains, parted seas, and did the unimaginable. So that these journals create a legacy to leave future generations in awe of the God that holds us by the hand, never leaves us, and always does the unfathomable. 



We are looking to partner with people  who are passionately pursuing the Lord and seeking to grow deep roots in Him. We are seeking individuals who have a heart to encourage and equip others in their pursuit of Him, who truly care about their audience knowing Christ, and who steward their platform well, pointing people to Christ. 


We are currently accepting applications for all influencers with at least 3000 followers on any single social media communities (including youtube channels and blogs). Affiliate applications are screened individually and we reserve the right to decline applications for any reason. 


Successful ambassadors are those who are actively using their Growth Book, in their own  everyday life. We want this to be something you organically communicate and share the benefits of owning these products to others in an authentic and relatable way. If you genuinely love the Growth Book and other products, and can share your testimony in the growth you have seen in your own journey, you will impact the growth others will have in their relationship with the Lord. Your sincere testimony is the best way to shine light not only on the products but more importantly on the Lord.




Whenever and however you reach people.  We would love for you to share your Growth Book and products in your feeds, stories, and any other ways you communicate with your audience. Tagging us, and sharing your unique code to your community. We as that you post at least one time per week. 



  • As an ambassador you will receive insider information, early access codes for upcoming sales, first dibs on new product releases and more.


  • We are here to support you and provide you with resources to help share the message and products of Growth Roots.


  • You will receive an exclusive personal code for you to use in the shop.


  • You will also receive a code to share with your audience so that we can track the people who found Growth Roots through you-- and yes, we have some fun surprises for you along the way!