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@kacyhull and @growthrootsco are teaming up to bring you all #morningsofgrowth! A two-month long challenge to rise an hour or so before our families or before we go to work and spend intentional time growing with God.


We will be hosting a Facebook group with weekly challenges, and thoughtful questions and conversation to motivate and encourage each other on our walk with the Lord.


There's no outline or special formula to follow, this is simply us all purposfully making the effort to put God first in our day, listen to what He's trying to tell us, and grow deeper roots into Him.


To make this even more exciting Kacy will be giving away the book Unseen by Sara Hagerty, and Bree will be giving away a Growth Book at the end of this challenge. 


We are praying and expecting that God will show up in big ways throught these next few months, and we can't wait to share about it.


So join us in the Facebook group starting November 1st and ending New Years Eve We can't wait to meet you!

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