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We just LOVE the post-it pages that come with each Growth Book and when Sara Hagerty came out with her new book on Adoration - and we got to be a part of a special project collaboration - we got to design a completely new set of add-in pages! This Adoration Add-In Pack comes with 12 oversized "post-it like" pages that adhere to the inside pages of your Growth Book and guide you through writing out and adoring God throughout your month. Learning to adore God in every minute of your day - or as Sara puts it "the middle minutes", and even when you don't feel like it is such an encouragement to your soul, and strengthens your relationship with God in such a profound way. If you want to learn more about how to adore God, check out Sara Hagerty's new book 'Adore' or head to her blog.

Adoration Add-In Pack



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