Hooray! Our annual imperfect Growth Book sale is here! There are always a few books we don't feel comfortable selling at full price but are still in such good condition that we can't bear to let them go to waste, so we're so happy we can offer these to you. 


Each Growth Book may have one or more of the following defects:


1. Slight bend on the corners of the cover

2. Slight impression on the cover or spine of the book

3. The pocket was glued on the front cover instead of the back cover

4. Bellyband and linen are dirty or discolored

5. Spine was printed upsidedown 


***The inside contents of each book are exactly the same as all other Growth Books listed, and still include all add-in pages and choice of sticker color. If you choose the Lagoon Growth Book they will not come with the adoration inserts***


By purchasing this book you are agreeing to the condition received "as is", no refunds or exchanges. 

Imperfect Growth Book Sale!!!

$32.00 Regular Price
$20.80Sale Price