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We are taking writing contributions!

Want to join our team of writers? We are so excited to announce that we are officially opening up writing submissions for the Growth Roots Blog!

We are currently open for contributions during the Fall/Winter quarter !






Here's a brief overview of how it works:


Read all details below to see if you align with our mission and purpose for the blog.

Fill out the form so that we know you're interested.



Check your e-mail for a welcome message and the next steps.


Click 'respond' in your email and submit an original piece you would like to be featured on the blog.

Once you submit a sample we will review and contact you if we choose to move forward with your piece. Note: not all submitted pieces will be published and some may be published at a later time. 

Our Mission:

To be on fire in our pursuit of Jesus and that no matter what season we’re in, we wouldn’t lose our ambition for growth. That we would leave every year more in love with God than we started, and that within our community we would champion each other on in our walks with the Lord.


Our main desire is to be people that grow closer in our walk with God, grow in relationships, and grow in wisdom and understanding. We’re a community that wants to be on fire for God.

In this space, we want to fill people with hope, faith, encouragement, perspective, perseverance, and stories from our everyday lives, where God is active, moving mountains, parting seas, and doing the unimaginable. We want to hear your testimony and the words that God puts in your heart.


We are here to equip you as you grow deeper roots with the Lord, building upon Him. And our prayer is that the words here would spur you on to dig deeper. 

If you believe your work may be a good fit for Growth Roots, please carefully read through our submission guidelines, process, and topics,  before filling out a submission form. We are so grateful to be on this growth-ful journey with you, and for encouraging growth in ourselves and others, through Christ.


We are seeking original unpublished pieces of 500 - 1,800 words in length.


We ask that you would proof spelling and grammar before submitting, and would love for the piece to be written from a place of genuine storytelling, where we can gain an honest perspective, equipping the reader with encouragement to press in further.


It's our goal to dig deeper roots and spur one another on, building upon our faith in the Lord and are looking for pieces that people can relate to and learn from.


To gain better insight, you can familiarize yourself with some of our current work on the blog.



We open up submissions for a period of time and then close them as we review each piece.


We are honored to share your work with your audience and appreciate your patience with us.  You will be contacted should we choose to move forward with your submission. 

You are welcome to submit multiple pieces on the current theme, or something that God is putting on your heart during this season. 

Please note that not all pieces will be chosen. There may be times when we have an influx of similar topics where we need to choose a select few. We are limited in the amount we can publish, as we have four (or fewer some months) spots available each to publish a piece. 

All work that is published on our blog is edited by a member of the writing team, and if there are final revisions that are needed, those will be made by us.


The author of each piece owns the copyright to their work. Should you choose to republish elsewhere, we ask that you include a note that it originally appeared on Growth Roots Co. 

We know the hard work, time, energy, and courage that you put into your work and we want you to know how thankful we are and that we will always be respectful of the story that you share with us.


Growing with you means so much to us. 

Thank you for your time and effort!

Below is a list of potential topics, this of course does not include every topic we would love to feature on the blog. As mentioned above, each quarter we have a theme and you are free to select a topic you want to write on based off of the general theme of that quarter.  If there is a topic or piece you would like to submit that is not on here, please feel free to do so. 


  • Growth-ful living-- in any area of your life.

  • Your journey with the Lord

  • What you are learning in the season of life you are in

  • Motherhood/Parenting

  • Prayer

  • Homeschooling

  • Special needs

  • Infertility

  • School, work

  • Accountability

  • Journaling

  • Identity 

  • Wild faith

  • Digging into the word

  • How you use your Growth Book

  • Navigating life

  • Time with the Lord

  • Goals

  • Planning, dreaming, organizing

  • Legacy

  • Priorities

  • Theology

  • Undoubting faith

  • Courage

*** at this time these are unpaid writing submissions. We want to showcase the work of our community. Thank you!

Do you feel like you

may be a good fit?


Just a reminder:

We are currently open for contributions during the Fall/Winter quarter !

Do you think you would be a good fit?

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