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What is it?

Growth Book is the journal to document your entire year of growth.


It's the yearly journal that you record all you learned on your walk with the Lord. Your impression of ink to paper that documents the area you covered, the road you traveled, the footsteps you took, the tears you cried, prayers you made, and verses you memorized.


It's the notes you took while watching sermons, listening to podcasts, and reading books. The book that holds an entire year worth of notes, petitions, confessions, growth, and adorations. 


In the end, the words you leave behind from this journey will be a treasure to look back on for years to come, and such a great record of the legacy of growth you're leaving behind for your future generations.


It's your Growth Book.

What makes this journal special?

Growth Book is designed to be the only journal you need throughout the year.


It's a journal that not only has a few structured sections but has enough dotted note pages to document every part of your year without being too bulky or cumbersome. 

It is flexible, and comes with two sets of stickers to organize what you're learning while at the same time not leaving you feeling overwhelmed. 

It's designed to be appealing to both men and women.

What's Inside?

-A two-page spread for your huge "only possible with God" faith goals


-Topic index pages to keep track of what and where all your different studies are located


-Dotted notes pages to take all sorts of notes on what you're learning


-Prayer pages to list out everything you're praying for and when it was answered


-God's Faithfulness pages to journal every single time you see God's hand in your life.


-Memory verse pages to write out verses you want to memorize or need to keep handy for the year


-Bible reading chart to keep track of and check off every single chapter you read in your bible

Insert picture of the inside of the book pages

What does it come with?

-12 add in pages to reflect and write on before you start each month

-Month wrap labels to easily mark your place in your growth book.

-Topic labels to easily track different topics you're journaling about

The Details

  • Classy linen wrapped cover

  • Easy to use lay flat design

  • Thick uncoated 70# paper

  • Sturdy pocket on the back inside cover

  • Dotted note pages

  • So many beautiful color options

  • Satin bookmark

How to use the wrap labels



Peel off the sticker for the

month you are in. 



Stick it on the side of the page you're currently on with the letter hanging over the side.



Flip over the page



Fold over and stick down the sticker.



You can stick them in your book going down from top to bottom like binder tabs, or put them all in the same spot to quickly see the start of every month.

How to use the topic labels


This section is meant to organize your longer lasting or frequent studies. Assign a topic to a number and then every time you're journaling about it you put the sticker on the side of the page you're journaling on. That way you never have to guess how many pages you may need to set aside for a study. You just keep journaling along.

What has changed from the old version?

More pages - To make it as thick as we could without creating a bulky unmanageable journal to carry around. 


Thicker paper - For people that like to write in different pen colors, draw, or paint. 


Lay flat - So you can more easily write without feeling like its closing on you all the time.


More durable cover -  for those people (like myself) that can't bear to go anywhere without it and want to take it around with them everywhere.


More color options - so that everyone could find something they love. Now there are 4 colors with the potential of us doing limited edition releases of other colors throughout the year. 


A thick pocket - on the back cover to hold all your stickers, and anything else you may want to put in there.

A bookmark - A nice matte satin finish

What should you write in your journal?

Here are some ways we use our Growth Book that might help you get off to a great start!





-Audio books


-Bible studies


Take notes on things you listen to and read-





-Daily journal entries



-Miracles you're believing for

Write to God about what's on your mind -

Creatively write details on a study you're doing -









Jot down things to help you grow-







-God's revelations to you

-Family meeting notes



Are there prompts in Growth Book? Or, is it mostly blank pages?

Great question! There are several sections with specific headers like the "God's Faithfulness" pages, that are intended to be for those specific topics, but, the notes section is all dotted notepaper. And here's the exciting part about that!

The main point of how we created Growth Book was always to push you towards God. And we believe that if you're pressing into him, reading the bible and praying, asking, seeking, and knocking. God will not hesitate to open up the floodgates of knowledge, wisdom, and revelation on what to fill the pages with.


So, we designed it to be a canvas for you and God to get deep, and to listen to his voice and reflect on what he is saying to you. This also gives you the freedom to write, and journal in the way you feel God most. Whether that's writing poetry, songs, making charts, prayers, drawing or painting, the options are really endless.


We love to look at the dotted pages like a great opportunity to go on an adventure with God that no prompt or pre-written question could have ever anticipated. God's journey for you will be far grander, more extravagant, exciting, thrilling, and growthful that you ever could imagine.


And those blank pages will hold that treasured story for years to come.


Why is it important to journal?

The research says:


-Journaling or writing things down improves recall of what you heard or read because it forces you to quickly process and jot down short, descriptive notes. Since typing is faster, it is easier to write things down almost word for word therefore not allowing you to process any information.


-The act of physically writing things down activates both the right (creative, imaginative) and left (logic based, action taking) side of the brain, therefore making it more likely that you will achieve the goals you write down, and the plans you make.

-It engages more of our senses, which allows the information we're learning to stay in our brain longer, and sink deeper than it otherwise could have.

Interested in learning more about this? Head over to this blog post to learn more.


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