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All the little things you may need to document your growth! 



Hint: Number 9 is one of my favorites!

It records God’s hand in your life


With 365 days in a year, it’s hard to remember all that went on and all that God did. But, by journaling in your Growth Book, you have now recorded a moment in the history of your life. You’ve penned down a miracle, put a date to an answered prayer, wrote about God’s faithfulness, and saw that you accomplished a faith goal. It’s a record and roadmap of the journey God led you on.

Happy New Year & Shipment Update



With the New Year fast approaching we just wanted to wish you all a blessed, fruitful, enjoyable holiday with family and friends. We are so grateful for all of you and would not be what we are today without you. Also, if you are waiting on a color to come back in stock we are expecting them to be back early February. Thank you for your patience, and we are so sorry for the inconvenience!

For more information on Growth Book check out our about page here.

Our mission is to be on fire in our pursuit of Jesus. That no matter what season we’re in, we wouldn’t lose our ambition for growth, that we would leave every year more in love with God than we started, and that within our community we would champion each other on in our walks with the Lord.

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