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July 14, 2020

Over these last few months, I have been pressing deeper into my relationship with the Lord. I have found myself clinging to prayer, calling out to Him more, and not holding back as I grow deeper with Him. He has been teaching me how necessary it is to yield to Him and follow His lead. And as I have been digging, I have discovered some questions that help me engage with the Lord in my daily pursuit. 

How can we cultivate our walk with Him, press in, and have a fire burning to know Him more?  When I think about the daily pursuit, it’s active, it’s growing, it’s alive. And as I’ve been going to Him daily, these five questions have helped me to engage the Lord in such a way that ultimately lead to walking obediently in Him and having the tools that we need, to live from a place of victory and in the abundance He has set apart for us. 

Perhaps you are feeling stuck, or stagnant in your walk with Him, or maybe you want to connect with Him on a more intimate level. I pr...

July 7, 2020

When I finished college, I'll be honest, I was excited to finally have a learning break. If you think about it, by the time you go from kindergarten through college you are basically in school for what feels like (or is) 17-20-ish years! I was on the lower end because as you can tell I did not become a doctor, or a lawyer haha.

What I soon came to find out though was that I missed...even craved, the learning part. I loved that feeling of being mentally stretched. The feeling of being in awe at a fact that engraved so deeply in my mind that I could not wait to share it with someone. And the feeling that comes after learning something new, the 'aha' lightbulb moment where everything fits like a puzzle piece. I even...dare I say...liked the challenge of not understanding something and having to research.

I know, call me crazy. 

So because of that, a few years after college I just decided that although the season had passed to take "formal schooling" (at least for now), I would make it my mis...

February 1, 2020

When I thought back on the most growth-full year of my life, one thing kept popping to mind on why it was the most successful of them all. Accountability. The year my friend and I came up with the idea for our Growth Book was the year we did everything we could to be the best accountability partner each other could ask for. So, after thinking it over, I've narrowed down a few great qualities you should be looking for in yours to set you up for the greatest success:

1. Someone with the same values - this one is probably a no brainer for most of you, but it’s easier to keep each other on track spiritually if you have someone that shares your beliefs and convictions. Encouraging each other towards Christ is the goal, and for that you need someone who is on the same page.  I found that for the foundational areas like faith and our core convictions it's so important to be in step with your accountability partner but the personal interests type things aren't as important to match up on....

November 27, 2019

Growth Roots Co. guest posted on the amazing www.club31women.com so please head on over to check it out! And while you're there check out some of their other great blog posts! So much great, encouraging stuff!

August 7, 2019

When I was younger, my mom would take me on errands with her. Sometimes I’d wait in the car and sometimes I’d walk around stores with her. She’d often take much longer than I liked, and I’d sigh loudly in the hopes that she would get the hint and finish up quicker. I’d grit my teeth in frustration. “Don’t you know you’re wasting my time?” I’d want to say to her.

As I got older, I found that I often had similar encounters with God. He doesn’t make me wait in physical places, but He makes my soul wait. He lets my heart wrestle over things it wants and protest against what it believes should belong to me. 

God keeps me on His time, and at times it is oh so frustrating.

Even though I have made it through past waiting periods and found unbelievable goodness on the other side, I still often sigh loudly, grit my teeth, and ask God, “Don’t you know you’re wasting my time?”

But, as I must constantly remind myself, God does not waste our time. He is the Creator of time, and a creator does not waste....

August 5, 2019

Growth Roots Co. guest posted on the amazing www.club31women.com so please head on over to check it out! And while you're there check out some of their other great blog posts! So much great, encouraging stuff!

March 6, 2019

I love a blank page. The possibilities are endless and there is freedom to hear God anew and respond to that in any way He's leading. It's not jumbled with mind dumps, and ramblings about how you're dryer stopped working (oh thats just me? Shoot). So, with my crispy chicken taco..I mean crisp, new, shiny, blank page, (man I'm hungry), I sometimes tend to circle back to these 6 journaling topics that have helped me tremendously and I pray they do for you too!

1. Lies vs. Truth - Make a list of all the lies you're believing. The negative thoughts you are telling yourself, the ways you see you're not measuring up, not as good as so and so, not worthy, that you're stuck etc. And then, search the scriptures for the truth about those lies and write them next to it. Replacing the lies with truth. This one is something I unintentionally end up doing once a month simply because I constantly find myself needing to renew my mind. The enemy is always trying to sneak into my thought life g...

November 2, 2018

So...it turns out...I am a great speller haha. 

The end.

No, but really...I thought it might be kind of fun to do a post on the best misspelling of my lifetime. You see, I had a few misspellings in the first round of Growth Book a few years ago. And I vowed I would never let that happen again. So, I asked a few (million) people to proof read and go through the entire new Growth Book we just launched. 

They were so helpful, and as far as I know there aren't any errors. But at this point please don't tell me if there are haha. I may pass out.

Anyway... it turns out I thought I could do the belly band on my own and so alas it was printed with DOTED instead of DOTTED. 

I'll be honest. I went through the 6  stages of grief (At least my own made up version of them)

1. Denial

2. Regret

3. Frustration

4. That weird stage where you want everyone to tell you it will be ok

5. The laughing stage

6. Acceptance

I honestly lingered on stage 5 for a bit which is when several friends said it was totally okay,...

October 26, 2018

I have a friend that has been coming over a few times a week because we're working on some business-y stuff for her (shameless plug...go check her out right now haha - www.laurynewasan.com. She's straight forward and God filled ). And, if you know anything about me you would know that I love business talk. Not necessarily my business (though I LOVE my business), but more so the ins and outs of other peoples and helping them get everything set up. But that's besides the point. What I really came here to say is how much I cannot get some of the things she says out of my mind.

The way she hears and feels God is like I've never encountered in my life.

Dreams she has, revelation and words God gives her, but most importantly how she relies on the Holy Spirit is absolutely inspiring. And, although I could go on like this for days and wish you could all meet her, the point of this post is a little different.

It just really got me thinking about a lot of things. But, in particular it got me thinki...

October 10, 2018

Warning: This is long but SO worth it. I promise! If you're planning on grabbing the new Growth Book, then this post is for you!  We have some new sections rolling out in these journals and we would love to tell you what their all about.

A little backstory

But, to start, for those of you that may not know, Growth Book was dreamt up as a resource and tool to help my friend and I get back on track in our walk and growth with the Lord. We were stagnant, unmotivated, and stuck in a pretty deep rut. So, we decided enough was enough and set out on a journey to create a product that - paired with accountability - would keep us motivated, inspired, and passionate about our journey with God. It’s a journal that's meant to come alongside you as you read the bible, take notes on podcasts, pray/fellowship with others, and is meant to be your documentation of where God has taken you this year. As you go through it just know that we are declaring growth, freedom, increase, blessings, abundance, and li...

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