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A Little About Me

Heyyyyyyyy! Happy Thursday, almost Friday, ALMOST WEEKEND! I'm currently sitting here, during my daughter's amazing nap-time trying to figure out what on earth people would want to know about me. So, one thing you probably should know is, that I don't like talking about me. Ha ha.

But, I guess on a more fun note. I'm Bree! Owner of Growth Roots Co. Nice to e-meet you. I'm 28 years old (wow, that just hit me ha ha), I have a 10 month old name Elia, i'm a wife to an amazing man named Jared, a dog mom (because you cannot forget the pups once the baby comes) to Scout and Socorra, and I actually do have another job on top of all that which keeps me busy busy (hence why you don't see a trillion blog posts here...yet).

I live in sunny San Diego which was my absolute first move ever - after I got married. Humidity is currently 85 down here and I think I am the ONLY person on the face of the planet that likes humidity. It somehow makes me feel like I'm Guatemala or the Philippines and I can almost (but not quite) imagine me sitting on the beach with 200 virgin pina coladas all around me.

I absolutely love hiking, tea, reading (which barely happens anymore - thank you mom life ha), cooking, and even more

importantly, eating. And even more importantly than that...eating chocolate chip cookies which I really need to go to a "cookies anonymous" meeting for. And I'd like to stop and thank God right now that I love hiking because at least in my mind I think that may cancel out some of the cookie damage. Right?

I'd say that's pretty much me in a tiny nut shell. I'll be sharing more as time goes on, but if you need anything, or have any questions. I would sooo love to hear from you. And I'm not just saying that :)

Happy almost weekend!!!


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