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Rising Early To Pray

The back story

About a month ago my pastor did a challenge to get up early and pray. He got on Facebook LIVE and lead anyone who joined in on an hour of prayer. I wish I could say I loved the idea and jumped on it immediately but along with thoughts like "how do I even work Facebook" were thoughts like..."wooowwwww this sounds really hard and early". So, honestly I didn't do it.

But, it's funny though how God has a way of bringing something back up because, here I am a few weeks later and guys I have SUCH a conviction about getting up earlier to pray. It's like the thought of NOT doing it makes me not feel good inside. And, not it a "God won't love me if I don't do this kind of a way" but more so in a "I'm afraid I will miss out on what God might be trying to tell me" type of way.

The challenge

So, I'm now asking you guys to join this challenge with me. It's not a new idea, in fact thank you pastor Miles for inspiring this, and even though I'm late, I'm glad God put the conviction on my heart. So, let's do this! Let's give God our first and see how it changes our minds, our days, and our circumstances. I really truly believe that the clarity people heard God in the old Testament isn't just for back then. It's for now. And, if we could maybe just take a bit more time to be still, listen, pray, ask, seek, and knock, we could hear him with surety and clarity like people did back then. I don't know about you, but I would love a bit more direction in my life, because me trying to lead myself is never working out. Am I right? :)

What I'm doing

I personally will be getting up at 5:30am because my daughter wakes up anywhere from 6:00am-6:30am so I want to make sure I wake up in enough time to at least get in 30 minutes of prayer and bible reading. What would that be for you? Do you have to wake up at 7:00am to get ready for work? Maybe you could wake up at 6:00am! Or, start a little at a time, maybe wake up 30 minutes before! I will then be posting a picture or video every day as accountability so that I won't get away with sleeping in till 6:30am. And I will be hashtag-ing (is that a word?) #sunriseprayer.

Will you?

Do you wan't to join me? I would love a little accountability, and would also love you guys to see what God will do in your life this week and the weeks to come. Maybe you have a personal issue you are trying to overcome. Or, are interceding in the lives of others around you. Whatever it may be, join me this week from Monday- Sunday for a week of early morning prayer!

I can't wait to hear the testimonies about this week with God!

Beautiful image by Amberthelyon

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