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Some New Growth Roots Changes Coming Your Way!

Wow guys, I’ve been on quite a journey these past few years. I started Growth Roots Co. as a side “job” that I would classify more as a “side love”. And since launching, came out with the first Growth Book, had a baby, questioned if I should be continuing with this or not, prayed about it, took a break, got confirmation from God, and moved ahead with what will now be a second Growth Book launch right before having baby number 2. Hah. What are the chances? And God, you are funny!

So, I’m not sure how many of you reading this are business owners, but if I’m being real, I sincerely struggle with not only how I’m supposed to be navigating this online world of running a business, but also with the vulnerability side. Thing like, what I should and shouldn’t share? What are people even interested in? How do I continue to be myself but still follow the millions of advice tips I read or hear daily?

It feels overwhelming sometimes, and if I’m being really really really honest...I always want God, my family, and loving others really well to come first for me. So, as you can imagine, sometimes figuring out a good balance between it all can be a challenge.

But, I think I figured out what may work, and I wanted to fill you in on some changes that will be happening on the Growth Roots front starting in August. I can’t wait!

Here we go!

1. I finally figured out that blogging is important: I guess I should have known. But also, it turns out that even though I wouldn’t consider myself a brilliant writer I actually like it! So, you will be hearing from me weekly on the blog with tips like how to grow, how to stay on track with your goals, how to make time for God when you’re life feels c-r-a-z-y!! And, I’m super excited about that.

2. I want to give more (aka- more freebies) - This is a huge one for me. I am always sitting at home designing and creating things that I desperately need to keep myself and my family on track. So of course, I really should be sharing these with you. Don’t you think? Which means, you can expect a ton more freebies! Hooray for us all!

3. We are launching Growth Book 2.0!! - So, it turns out I’m having a baby in early September. But, that means everything is being prepped for a super awesome pre-order and launch of our brand new Growth Book in mid September! I can’t even explain how much effort has gone into this. And we have truly loved every second of it. This means, new sections, new stickers, a new look, better quality, and honestly what I’m most excited about is that we really wanted to give so much with it (not just the book) so a whole-bunch-of-stuff is included!

4. Definitely launching a new Facebook Group - So here’s where I just have to be real with you. I have no idea how to use Facebook. Like I know it’s a thing, I know it’s great, but really. I am not skilled at using it. However, my brain got all excited at the thought of doing an accountability group type thing where everyone that buys something through our shop will get access to this awesome private group! So, I’m buckling down guys and I’m learning how this all works and this is another new thing coming your way! Some ideas I’m throwing around are:

  • Facebook lives! (Ahh, still praying about getting over my public speaking fear, but if God says GO I go).

  • Weekly growth questions that get us all sharing real life with one another.

  • Helpful stats about setting goals, journaling, and accountability.

  • More freebies! Wahoo!


5. I think maybe I need to show my face more? - Apparently you all like it when I go on Instagram and do videos of me being my quirky self. So, here’s another area I’m venturing into. Wish me luck, guys!

6. Super excited to launch new site stuff! - This includes the resource section (finally)! We will be collecting helpful articles, sermons, podcasts and resources to share with you guys to keep you motivated to grow! I know I need this desperately so I’m excited to read and sift through everything I’m collecting for you all.

7. I’m giving myself more grace - At the end of the day though, what God has been pressing on my heart is that Growth Roots is nice, and it’s what he’s calling me to do, but my relationship with Him, and really pouring into my family is priority. So, if there’s a week a blog post doesn’t go up, or I go missing on Instagram for a bit, then I’m giving myself grace and space to be with God, connect more deeply with my family, and grow deeper so I can pour into the community here.

I really pray you guys will love all we having coming up! We have been putting so much effort and love into every choice we’re making here so that it can really bless you guys more, fill you more deeply, and come alongside you more lovingly. And, for all those that stuck around and read this whole thing. Thank you! We launch the next Growth Book SEPTEMBER 17th!! YAY!

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