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The DOTED Note Pages. Yep...You Read That Right! DOTED... turns out...I am a great speller haha.

The end.

No, but really...I thought it might be kind of fun to do a post on the best misspelling of my lifetime. You see, I had a few misspellings in the first round of Growth Book a few years ago. And I vowed I would never let that happen again. So, I asked a few (million) people to proof read and go through the entire new Growth Book we just launched.

They were so helpful, and as far as I know there aren't any errors. But at this point please don't tell me if there are haha. I may pass out.

Anyway... it turns out I thought I could do the belly band on my own and so alas it was printed with DOTED instead of DOTTED.

I'll be honest. I went through the 6 stages of grief (At least my own made up version of them)

1. Denial

2. Regret

3. Frustration

4. That weird stage where you want everyone to tell you it will be ok

5. The laughing stage

6. Acceptance

I honestly lingered on stage 5 for a bit which is when several friends said it was totally okay, and also right about the time when my dad tried to help by saying there are some sects of Christians in like....Russia or something, that believe it's disrespectful to try and make things perfect, since only God can do that. So, they purposefully put a small flaw in everything they make. Thanks Daddy.

But then stage 5 took a turn toward stage 6 when my husband decided to look up what DOTED actually meant. And, that's when I saw God's humor and lesson in all of this.

It means...

"To be extremely and uncritically fond of - to adore, love dearly, treasure, cherish, worship, hold dear"

And I thought..."well that actually, kinda, somehow is pretty perfect"

Because, what I meant to say was "Dotted note pages & various sections to document your spiritual journey".

But what it's really saying is "loved dearly, treasured, and adored note pages & various sections to document your spiritual journey".

When I read that, it kinda made me smile. How fitting that the typo just happens to explain it all a little better than the word dotted ever could. This Growth Book will be a treasure when it's done being filled to the brim with your walk with God.

So, if you happen to catch the typo in the front and back of the belly band, just use that as a reminder that God turns out everything for good, He gives us more grace than we often give ourselves, we can't take things too seriously, and wow if I didn't think that was the most perfect misspelling of my life. It may have been a total embarrassment for a day or two, but it turns out it ended up being a humble lesson for me. And one that I needed.

So, please enjoy those DOTED note pages. Because DOTTED is so overrated anyway. haha


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