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Seeing God In Creation

A beautiful sunset. A double rainbow. A sunrise on the beach. A child is born. A mountain climbed.

All of these things seem to remind us of God’s glory. But what about all the other aspects of creation that we don’t look for His glory? Do you notice the might of a Creator that has made molecules become water and that water can be liquid, solid, and gas? Sure, rain, humidity, fog, ice cubes in your lemon water. Does this stop you and remind you to live in awe? It seems mundane. It seems almost boring and tedious to look for God in everything, but if we were training ourselves to look for Him more, wouldn’t we notice Him more?

A tree produces a flower, a bee looking for pollen to make some honey pollinates the flower, and eventually a pretty little lemon forms to add to that water! Over time it can be easy to see how He displays himself throughout the world and our lives.

We easily take for granted the small aspects of creation that display His glory.

What if we became a people group that woke to the sunrise and blessed His name? If with every moment of our lives we noticed how God is displayed and how His glory shines? If we constantly lived in awe, we would have less time to focus on ourselves and what we consider to be our own problems and more time just worshipping the Creator himself. At the entry to heaven, are we going to be face first at His feet in awe? What if we started living like that today?

Let’s look at a specifically fascinating part of creation. Butterflies. God created these little crawling caterpillars to transform into beautiful butterflies. We’ve all been amazing at this transformation at some point in our lives. Something about it is so mesmerizing. The transfiguration of Jesus is recounted in Matthew 17 and Mark 9. The original word used is μεταμορφόω which translates to metamorphoó, meaning to transform. It’s obvious that this is where the english word metamorphosis comes from. So in witnessing caterpillars turn into butterflies God’s creation mirrors and reminds of the transfiguration of Jesus Christ!

God spent the first three days creating. The next three days he spent filling the places he created. Just like we create homes then fill them. Gardens are created and then filled. Schools are built before students enter. Each aspect of life is an opportunity to see how God is reflected. It’s our responsibility and call to seek God in the everyday moments, both mundane and majestic.

What makes it easy to see God in His creation? Knowing who He is will surely help. To know Him we must study Him and that means studying His word. Without studying about Jesus’ transfiguration it wouldn’t be common knowledge that the same word is used as metamorphosis of butterflies. Without studying how He created, we wouldn’t understand that we create in the same way that He did in the beginning. The best way to see Him in our world, is to be focused on Him.

The more you seek something, the more you see it. The more we focus on Him, the more we will notice His glory and how we can constantly be in awe of it.

Guest post by the lovely Lacey Rabalais

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