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How to Write Prayers in Your Growth Book

Writing prayers in your Growth Book

Recording Prayers in My Prayer Journal

First, in my prayer journal I write out my prayers for myself, my husband, our marriage, my kids, friends, the church, and the world. At the beginning of the month I “prep” my prayer journal by writing everyone’s name down. As the month goes on I will record prayers. I will write more broad prayers like “salvation for my daughter” to very specific prayers like “I pray my daughter can continue breastfeeding”.

Recording Answered Prayers in My Prayer Journal

As a prayer is answered, there are several different ways I will record this:

  • add a “answered prayer” stickers

  • Highlight the answered prayer in a specific color so I can easily find it later

  • Write an “A” and circle and highlight it

I love recording when a prayer is answered because it reminds me of God’s faithfulness. In particularly hard seasons, I will go back through old journals and see the way God answered specific prayers.

Recording Answered Prayers in My Growth Roots

This might seem redundant, but let me explain. At the end of the month, I will go through my prayer journal and find all my highlights/stickers (meaning, I will find all my answered prayers) and I write them in my “prayer list” section of my Growth Book. The reason I like keeping track of my answered prayers in both my prayer journal and my Growth Roots Book is because my prayer journal is laid out monthly. Therefore, when I want to look back through my answered prayers, I have to go through each page and try to find them. But, in my Growth Book, they are all listed in the prayer list section. At the end of the year I can look through pages and pages of just answered prayers and reflect on the truth that God is a God that answers.


For example, in January I was praying these things:

  • I would have a safe and healthy delivery

  • I would have wisdom to know when to go to the hospital

  • Gemma’s relationship with God would grow

  • Mikey would adjust well to the baby

Then, as you can see, the image below is what I wrote in my Growth Book, after those prayers were answered.

I hope this was helpful if you also use a prayer journal. What I love about the Growth Book is that you can use it whatever way works best for you.


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