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Nurturing Your Roots

Mother, wife, daughter, sister.

Teacher, lawyer, nurse, student, caregiver.

The names others call us can be a blessing and a burden at the same time. If we aren’t nurturing our roots when we are trying to grow we won’t have the strength to hold our own branches. When we get caught up in the things we think we should be doing we lose sight of what God is calling us to do.

So how do we nurture our roots?

Stay Grounded. Too often in life we can focus more on what others what us to be or think we should be doing. Instead of focusing on who others say you are, rest in who He is calling you to be. As soon as we stray from our calling in God and start seeking approval and praise from others, the more unsteady our direction and decisions become. This can result in frustration, fear, and doubt. When you focus on God’s word and work in your life you can start to tune out and turn away from the voices of popular opinion, and stay strong in the words God has given you.

Start Growing. Finding the time isn’t the problem, recalibrating your priorities with that time can be the challenge. By starting the day in God’s word I ground myself in his calling for me. Nurturing roots can start small, even just 10 minutes a day, but with consistent care and intentional time it will become essential to growing in your faith and narrowing your life’s focus.

Seek to Prune. How much time do you spend in the Bible or Bible Study in a day? How much time do you spend surfing or surveying social media? Where we spend our time consumes our minds. Recalibrating your time on the socials with time in His word and works solidifies a foundation that can help you navigate difficult conversations or interactions with others. When you are not pulled by social demands, you can push back, or away altogether, to focus on things of much greater importance.

Keep Branching. Finding time in my day to grow in His word also gives me time to reflect and journal in this journey. My daily devotional time (in my Growth Roots journal), gives me intentional time to reflect on how God is working in my daily life. I use a prompt of three things I am grateful for and three things I am looking forward to as a way to nurture my roots and grow as a Christian while praying over and for others every day.

With all the titles in our life that have been given to us, some we have worked for, others we wish would go away. Don’t forget the blessings and the name he has bestowed upon you. Nurture his name, and your foundation will flourish.

Jessica Cabeen is a wife, mother of two teens, and a middle school principal of 850 students. She has written four books including Lead with Grace: Leaning into the Essential Soft Skills of Leadership. You can connect with her on Instagram @JessicaCabeen, Facebook @PrincipalinBalance, or her website:


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