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Walking By Faith

I’m totally distracted in church.

Levi (who recently learned to walk) is out of his seat. Attempting to hold his attention and keep him from storming the stage, his Mother breaks the seal of a small shiny bag. It’s crackers.

I’m jealous.

I’m hungry. But not for food.

I hunger to experience the world through the eyes of a beloved child. Thirsty for the day when climbing the ladder of our backyard raft was the hardest thing. I remember it like yesterday. Curling toes over a raw edge platform. Hands holding on for dear life. Swarming minnows below warning me off like sharks. I’d never felt the earth move so violently. All the brave country boys leaping off the sides, waves pushing sideways and forward like a bitty bobber on high seas. Up there so long, I became a target of attention. All I wanted was to climb down the rungs, but more than that, I feared a future of having never jumped. It felt safer feeding myself to the sharks. The height plunged me deeper than I’d ever gone. Thick, slurping mud sucked me under. Kicking wildly for the surface, I came up a little bit boulder.

But today’s climb is harder to make. Our hearts weary of holding fast. We wrestle the powers and rulers of a darkness impossible to see. And the whole earth is shaking violently. The mud feels too heavy today and we’re kicking wildly to breathe again. Starving for a world healed of disease—the sickness of hatred, the fever of greed, the pain of oppression, the cancer of lies for which death and resurrection be our only cure.

All around us the bombs of innuendo, suspicion, and propaganda are dropping. Dissension spreads like west coast fires. Despite fear and anxiety burning in our streets—faith rings softly underneath. And this is our moment. While all the world is watching; we are the ones. The very ones God pulled out of the grave to pull others up to the surface of courage and confidence and hope—because we don’t sink in fear—we walk by faith!

Blessed is your hunger and thirst for righteousness, your filling is assured. In the midst of your darkest mourning, your comfort is confirmed. The merciful—gain mercy still. Peacemakers, you never march alone. Bullied for trusting and believing—heaven is built for you.


Stomping his foot to an upbeat band, Levi tries to jump but still lacks the strength in his legs to leave the ground. Swinging hips, running in a circle—his little hand holds tight to the last bite. Smiling at the scene, our inspiration turns to one another, and back at Levi, and the bounce of unrestrained praise is rocking the place. And I can’t stop feeling like we all want out of our seats.

We need to whirl like Levi. Roar pure joy with drums, guitars, and keys. Storm the presence of the Lord like a jubilant child. For He is yours and you are His and our hearts drink no greater joy than this!


The bible says danger and loss should come as no shock to the children of God. In fact, threat is foreseeable. In the sludge of hardship, we know Salvation. On the waves of uncertainty, we rest on Eternity.

Safety won’t be found in stepping down or running away, but bravely, boldly we obey. Jesus—our resurrection refuge and legions-of-angels strength. The unbreakable sealing of the Spirit in our hearts—an unaffordable guarantee.


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