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Growth Book Journaling

Process the day

I like to do this journaling prompt after a stressful day, or maybe when I am feeling anxious but I can’t quite figure out why. I write out four sections: praise, confess, let it go, and declare truth.

Praise: a characteristic about God, or something I’m grateful for. I like to leave this section until the end because I like to write out all my anxieties, confess, etc, and then remember who God says He is. So usually it will be something like "He's a God that hears my prayers or He's a God that knows my hurts.”


Confess: I just write down anything I need to confess - being impatient with my kids, gossiping, being snappy, putting other things before God, etc...


Let it Go: This section can also be called surrender - this is where I write everything that's on my mind - and where I try to figure out what is making me anxious. So any fears, any thoughts, any prayers, etc.


Declare Truth: I write down some truth and/or bible verses that I want to focus on.

How are you really?

This is pretty simple - I just ask myself how I am doing really. No “I’m fine,” but really write out how I am doing. Am I mad at someone? Am I frustrated with the way I acted earlier? Am I feeling anxious? Am I disappointed that a prayer hasn’t been answered?


I make two lists: what am I going to let die? And what am I going to believe?

Some examples from my: what am I going to let die list:

  • The constant need to be on my phone

  • Need to please people

Some examples from my: what am I going to believe list:

  • My past doesn’t define me - God defines me

  • God is my source of peace and refreshment


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